Munro Vehicles is preparing to release a powerful commercial SUV

Scottish electric vehicle start-up Munro Vehicles will soon unveil its first production vehicle, the Mk1 electric SUV.

The presentation of the “world’s strongest electric SUV” will take place on December 5 in Edinburgh, and on this occasion the company released a teaser sketch. The modular design of the vehicle will allow it to be customized for specialized applications or commercial use in the most severe operating conditions, with an almost infinite service life.

A company press release says the Mk1 delivers 375 horsepower. With. and 700 Nm of torque, uses an 80 kWh battery, with a claimed range of 270 kilometers. Mk1 supports AC charging up to 22 kW and DC charging up to 100 kW, which means it can be charged from 15 to 80% in 36 minutes. But the main advantage of the Mk1 is its off-road capabilities, which are in demand in the forestry, mining and agricultural industries. It is equipped with an all-wheel drive system with a two-stage transfer case and a locking differential, a ground clearance of 45 cm to the body, and 29 cm to the bottom of the bridge. The depth of the ford to be overcome is one meter.

Munro designed the Mk1 to be an indestructible workhorse, with a towing capacity of 3.5 tons and a payload of up to 1,000 kg. The five-door and five-seat vehicle uses a galvanized steel chassis and aluminum body panels. “We decided from the very beginning not to reinvent the wheel. Simple and easily accessible components minimize manufacturing costs and provide owners with affordable maintenance and repair,” said co-founder Ross Anderson. It is planned that Munro’s main customers will be the oil and gas, mining and forestry industries, as well as the energy sector. Production of the Mk1 will begin in Glasgow later this year, with the first vehicles expected in 2023. The exact prices will be announced at the start of production, but the estimated cost is 98.5 thousand dollars (6.2 million rubles). In the first year, the company expects to sell about fifty SUVs, increasing their number to five hundred in 2024 and two and a half thousand in 2025.

New Ford Tourneo Custom: all-wheel drive and electric motor

Passenger van gets all-wheel drive and electric version for the first time

Ford introduced the new generation Tourneo Custom passenger van. The model will hit the market next year and will be offered in several wheelbase lengths and with three rows of seats. The range of engines includes a PHEV hybrid unit, EcoBlue diesels in various boost levels and an all-electric system. For the first time, the Tourneo Custom comes with all-wheel drive, an overhead airbag and a wide range of options.

Like the cargo Transit Custom, the passenger Tourneo Custom is built on a new platform with independent rear suspension. The range of engines includes 136, 150 and 170 horsepower EcoBlue diesels, as well as a plug-in hybrid propulsion system. It combines the Atkinson cycle “aspirated” 2.5 with an electric motor and a battery with a capacity of 11.8 kilowatt-hours. Without starting the internal combustion engine, such a van travels 50 kilometers.

For the first time, all-wheel drive appeared on the Tourneo Custom. It can only be ordered for diesel cars (136 or 170 hp) equipped with an eight-band automatic. Junior modifications are offered with a six-speed “mechanics”, and only an optional limited slip differential is available to them, which improves traction on slippery roads and light off-road conditions.

The Tourneo Custom will also have an all-electric version similar to the E-Transit Custom.

The 400-volt battery uses pouch cells from the F-150 Lightning. A total of 74 kilowatt-hours are available, which can be replenished through the on-board unit (11 kW) or the DC terminal (125 kW).

The output of the electric motor on the E-Tourneo Custom is 217 horsepower and 415 Nm of torque. Passport range – 370 kilometers. In theory, an electric car is able to replace a diesel van, however, the mass of a towed trailer is lower: 2,000 kilograms versus 2,500 for fuel vehicles.

The model will be offered in two wheelbase lengths and with three rows of seats. In the E-Tourneo Custom, the cabin is designed for eight people, nine people will fit in the hybrid and diesel vans. The second and third row seats can be removed and moved longitudinally, the sliding doors are powered, and the front passenger airbag has moved from the front panel to the ceiling.

In addition, three-zone climate control, backlighting, a B&O audio system with a subwoofer, and wireless charging are announced. By the time it enters the market, the machines will support digital keys.

For the production of new vans for $ 2 billion, the Ford Otosan plant in Turkey’s Kocaeli was converted. By mid-2023, fuel vans will appear on European roads, but the electric E-Tourneo Custom will have to wait until 2024.

Craftsmen from Lunaz will turn a classic Range Rover into an open electric module

The Range Rover Evoque convertible has long been a memory, but the open-top theme never dies. And recently, Lunaz unveiled a stunning open electric vehicle based on the original Range Rover.

For a customer who will use the car as a shuttle to a marina on Long Island, the Range Rover will be converted into a Safari model, without a roof and with an open passenger compartment. To do this, the company will “significantly strengthen the body and chassis” to ensure the rigidity of the structure of the car without a roof.

While the SUV will largely retain its resemblance to the original, it will feature eight seats thanks to two rows of sofas instead of rear seats. And if we talk about the passenger compartment, then its most important element will be the Mocha walnut flooring, as a tribute to the style of yachting.

However, the passengers in front were not forgotten either. For them, they will create a new center console, with a mini-fridge between the seats, and “wireless charging of smartphones.” The front of the cabin is also trimmed in the same walnut, with “each veneer will be selected in such a way as to preserve the integrity of the wood pattern.”

But in addition to the Safari option, Lunaz also introduced a long-wheelbase Range Rover in an urban configuration. Approximately 80% of the time it will be driven by a driver, and Monaco will be its home base. The SUV features a two-tone design with a coral bodywork that contrasts with the jet-black roof. Inside, multi-colour leather and wool seats are electrically adjustable, with heating, ventilation and massage functions.

Other features include walnut wood trim, heated and cooled cup holders, a refrigerator and a wireless smartphone charger. Rounding out the list is a six-inch infotainment screen and a premium audio system with a 1,300-watt amplifier.

There is no word on how much these creations will cost, but Lunaz notes that the price starts at 281.5 thousand euros. The company hasn’t released detailed specs yet, but the electric Range Rover comes standard with a twin-motor all-wheel drive system that makes about 365 horsepower. With. and 609 Nm of torque. Of course, the price may seem too high, but you need to consider that the upgrade extends not only to the transmission, but also to the suspension, which adds a regenerative braking system.

Updated Land Cruiser Prado will be released with a diesel hybrid

The next generation Toyota Land Cruiser Prado will be equipped with hybrid powertrains, and one of them will be a diesel hybrid.

The Japanese edition of BestCarWeb reports that the new generation Prado will appear in mid-2023, that is, fourteen years after the release of the previous one. The old, time-tested 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel will undergo a deep modernization and will additionally receive a lithium-ion battery and two electric motors. A petrol hybrid will also join the lineup, but it’s not yet clear which of Toyota’s powertrains it will be. One option is the 2.5-liter hybrid four-cylinder engine (218 hp) currently used on the RAV4. It will be a big step up from the current base naturally aspirated 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine with 160 horsepower. s, which is still offered in Japan. Another option could be a new 2.4-liter turbocharged hybrid engine, like the new Toyota Crown (US market), with 264 hp. With. and a torque of 450 Nm. BestCarWeb also notes that in certain markets Prado will not abandon naturally aspirated gasoline engines, which, for example, in Japan account for more than half of sales.

Updated Land Cruiser Prado will be released with a diesel hybrid

Today, there are no frame hybrid SUVs in the Toyota lineup, except for the new Sequoia, equipped with a hybrid twin-turbocharged V6 and developing 437 hp. With. and 790 Nm torque. The company’s statements indicate that this engine will soon appear on the Land Cruiser 300.

The next generation Prado is expected to switch to the new TNGA-F architecture on which the Land Cruiser 300, Tundra and Sequoia are built. It provides greater body rigidity, safety and dynamics. In terms of dimensions, little will change: the length will be 4825 mm, width 1885 mm and height 1850 mm, with a wheelbase of 2790 mm, which is exactly the same as the characteristics of the current generation (only 40 mm lower). As equipment, the latest generation infotainment system is expected, with 9.0- and 12.3-inch touch screens.

The popularity of the Land Cruiser 300 and problems with the supply of components forced the release of the new Prado to be postponed to a later date. Initially, the release of the model was planned by the end of this year. Toyota confirmed last year that hybrid versions of the Land Cruiser 300, Prado and Hilux, will be introduced before 2030. In the meantime, despite its age, the current Prado remains one of the best SUVs in the world, and it looks like this year will retain this title.

As soon as pre-orders for the redesigned Land Cruiser Prado open, we’ll let you know the details. Think you live in the U.S. or the U.K. and will wait for the official start of local sales? Why, when you can buy a Land Cruiser Prado direct from Japan with shipping, and become one of the first owners of an updated Land Cruiser Prado. You can read more about SUV delivery at:

Bentley starts production of the new Bentayga EWB

Yesterday, Bentley announced that production of the extended-wheelbase Bentayga has begun at Crewe.

It may not make sense to make an already big car even bigger, but long wheelbase cars sell well in China. And we know that Bentley has recently become an extremely popular brand in China. Bentayga EWB produces 550 hp. s and 770 Nm of torque, accelerating to 100 km/h in a ridiculous 4.5 seconds and reaching a top speed of 290 km/h. At least, these are the figures officially announced at the presentation in Canada.

There, during the presentation in Vancouver, it was repeated more than once that the assembly of the Bentayga EWB requires more than 2,500 new original parts, and that the EWB is the best-selling version, the company’s best-selling car – the Bentayga accounts for 40% of the brand’s sales.

“The new Bentayga, with a longer wheelbase, is the next chapter in the history of a model that, since its introduction in 2015, has completely transformed the premium SUV segment and led to record sales,” said Peter Bosch, head of production at Bentley Motors.