Off Road Recovery

It is inevitable that at some point all drivers become stuck when driving off road. It is important that vehicles are recovered using safe techniques. To this end we have included a section on techniques and equipment, to help those members who are familiarising themselves with the world of off roading for the first time.

The art of recovery in an off road situation comes down to the simple process of applying enough force to the stuck vehicle to pull, or push, it from the position in which it has become stuck. This will usually involve the use of another vehicle attached to the stranded vehicle to
pull it free from the obstruction, or out of the bog in which it has become trapped.

It is important to have sufficient recovery points front and rear of your vehicle. Recovery points serve only one purpose, which is to allow the safe and secure attachment of ropes or strops to the vehicles that are stuck. The rope needs to be attached to the recovery point and connected to the vehicle in such a way as not to damage it and transmit the forces into the vehicle safely.

Using the above criteria it would be possible to design from scratch suitable recovery points for your vehicle, fortunately the hard work has already been done and there is a range of off the shelf, and reasonably priced, recovery points to suit all makes of off road vehicle.