Remember how the Unmanned Range Rover drove down the UK’s toughest road in 2018?

We decided to remember how it was.
An unmanned Range Rover SUV drove on one of Britain’s most challenging roads – a 3.62-kilometer lap on the Coventry Ring Road, the car did without human intervention.
The Coventry Ring Road is considered one of the toughest roads in Britain and challenges even experienced drivers. But now the highway has been conquered by a drone.

A Range Rover Sport crossover under autopilot control drove a full circle, changed lanes independently and maintained the speed limit of 65 km/h without problems. Circle traffic, intersections, pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles did not cause any difficulties for the drone.

The test prototype was built as part of the UK Autodrive project. Engineers developed a then-new version of the autopilot for the car, which was tested on closed landfills before being taken out on public roads in Milton Keynes and Coventry.
Jaguar Land Rover used the standard adaptive cruise control in the drone, which is equipped with production models, and supplemented it with new navigation system sensors, as well as RADAR and LIDAR technologies.

Jaguar Land Rover autonomous vehicle research director Mark Kand said the Coventry Ring Road is very challenging and puts pressure on the driver. Autopilot, on the other hand, can take unnecessary pressure off the person.
Jaguar Land Rover noted that the new technology to improve safety and reduce emissions is built on the interaction of vehicles with each other and road infrastructure.