Manhart G 800 Inferno adds power to Mercedes G63

Three years ago, Top Car Design introduced their Mercedes-AMG G63 tuning kit called the Inferno, and now Manhart has taken their carbon fiber body kit and added a number of mechanical improvements to it. This is how the G 800 Inferno came about.

When you think of the G-Class, the first tuner that comes to mind is definitely Brabus. Although a number of companies, including Mansory, showed their varying degrees of original versions of the iconic SUV. Now black and gold Manhart wants to get its share of the pie with the G 800 Inferno, a more powerful version of the 2019 G 700 Inferno.

Top Car’s carbon fiber kit initially includes larger fender flares, more aggressive bumpers, a ventilated hood, roof LEDs, a diffuser and a sports car-style rear wing. Manhart has added its signature set of gold decals, traditionally contrasting with black, and continues this theme in the interior, upholstered in Alcantara and perforated leather.

The tuner has also tweaked AMG’s 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 with new software and “improved turbocharging”, resulting in an impressive 798bhp of power output. With. and a torque of 1,170 Nm. These numbers are significantly different from the standard G63, which is rated at 577 hp. With. and 849 Nm of torque. In addition, there is a new exhaust system made of stainless steel and without catalytic converters.

Manhart hasn’t announced a price for its G63, but has released a number of exterior and interior photos showing the tuned version. Those interested can contact the tuner and order a custom conversion of their SUV, but keep in mind that Mercedes-AMG will soon introduce an updated version of its G-Class, with minor visual and technological changes. So it might not be worth the hassle.

The famous Renault 4 will be reborn as a compact SUV. But it is not exactly

The Renault 4Ever Trophy draws inspiration from the Gallic bestseller

There have been several iconic cars in the history of the French Renault. The delightful 5 and Clio V6 come to mind first, but both pale in comparison to the Renault 4, which has passed the eight million mark in 33 years of production. Today, the automaker is paying homage to its popular machine with the new 4Ever Trophy, an electric concept SUV inspired by the original.

In terms of style, the 4Ever Trophy borrows a lot from its spiritual predecessor. The angular design has been toned down a bit, but the boxy front end, replete with round headlights, has been retained. The branded trapezoidal side windows, above the rear wheels, also remained in their places. By the way, the back of the 4Ever is a bit like a MINI Cooper Countryman.

Although the 4Ever Trophy was created as a look into the past, it looks to the future. Therefore, it is a compact electric SUV. And although electric cars are more popular on city streets, Renault tried to make the 4Ever Trophy a real SUV. Adjusted for time, of course. Massive 255/55 tires sit on fancy rims, and the spare tire rests on a carbon fiber roof. And pay attention to the shovel and sand-trucks.

The bottom of the car is reinforced and protected to ensure complete safety of the battery. Renault did not reveal details regarding mileage or performance, but noted that the show car uses an all-electric powertrain. “In order to bring the 4Ever Trophy into the modern age, we gave it a streamlined shape with technological sophistication. All components have been carefully crafted to ensure that the design resonates with those who are familiar with the old Renault 4 and its glorious history, as well as with the younger generation,” explained Vice President of Design Gilles Vidal.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the 4Ever Trophy was being prepared for production – at least not in this form. However, the road version, based on the concept, should soon get on the conveyor. It will use the CMF-BEV platform, and production will be set up at the company’s technical center in northern France.

Doosan will launch the new ADT DA45-7 4×4 at Bauma 2022

One of the many world premieres Doosan will make at Bauma 2022 is the launch of its new 4×4 Articulated Dump Truck (ADT). Adding to the company’s market-leading range of 6×6 ADT models, the new 4×4 version of the ADT DA45-7 is designed to compete with 40-tonne RDTs.

The new ADT DA45-7 4×4 arrives to complement Doosan’s current range of Stage V compatible ADT 6x6s, which includes the DA30-7 and DA45-7 models with payloads of 28 and 41 tonnes respectively.

On the new ADT 4×4, the front unit of the truck and cab is the same as on the original 6×6 model, with modifications only to the rear dump unit. With a ZF EP8-420 transmission, the DA45-7 4×4 is a two-axle ADT with twin wheels at the rear and a tipper section similar to RDTs in the 40-tonne class.

More performance than RDTs in tough conditions

“With superior performance on rough roads, loose surfaces and sloping terrain, the goal of our new 4×4 machine is to compete with the RDTs in the 40-ton class, bringing to market a dump truck that offers so much more than the RDTs.”, says Beka Nemstsveridze, ADT Product Manager at Doosan.

As well as outperforming RDTs in tough conditions, the new 4×4 version of the DA45-7 ADT is less than 4m wide to avoid the need for special transport and offers a better turning radius than an equivalent RDT. A shorter turning radius and the design of the rear discharge unit, more suitable for transporting flat and heavy rocks, bring concrete advantages to the mining and tunneling industry.

The latter are growth markets for ADTs and include pioneering short-term mining projects, quarrying and contract mining industries, especially in southern Africa, the UK and Australia. Contractors in the construction and earthmoving industries working on highways, dams, airports, landfills, and development projects are also heavy users of ADT. Together, these areas make ADT’s market wide and varied, ensuring a large client base.

“The development of our ADT 4×4 has been inspired by the needs of our customers and the new ADT 4×4 can meet the demand of the international market by offering significant competitive advantages to customers with specific requirements. For example, a machine like this could extend the season of a mine that normally has to stop for a certain period due to, for example, the rainy season,” says Beka Nemstsveridze.

The new ADT DA45-7 4×4 has been developed at Doosan’s ADT plant located in Elnesvågen, near the Norwegian city of Molde. In addition to all the above benefits, Doosan’s new ADT 4×4 Stage V provides excellent payload capacity, fuel efficiency, easier controllability and great operator comfort, all coupled with improvements in reliability and durability and reduction of maintenance costs.

Summary of the advantages:

  • The ADT 4×4 can climb steeper grades than equivalent RDTs.
  • The ADT 4×4 performs better than the RDTs on wet and slippery surfaces.
  • In heavy rain conditions, the RDTs may need to stop working; with the Doosan ADT 4×4 you don’t have to.
  • Thanks to the short turning radius, the ADT 4×4 works effectively in tight spaces.
  • The two-axle ADT 4×4 design causes less ground disturbance than 6×6 configurations.

Nissan refreshes Frontier for 2023 and adds ‘midnight’ version

The updated pickup, designed for the US market, has added in price. The 2023 model year version is already on sale.

In February 2021, the Japanese manufacturer introduced the new generation Nissan Frontier mid-frame pickup truck (recall, this is the American brother of Navara), sales in the States started in September of the same year. The truck sold 60,693 units last year, up 64.7% from a year earlier, according to Carsalesbase. This year, sales continue to grow: in the first half of the year, customers bought 43,166 pickup trucks, which is 63.6% more than in January-June of the previous year.

Now the company has refreshed the truck intended for the US market through the 2023 model year. One of the major updates is the new Midnight Edition package, available with the full SV Crew Cab. The “midnight” version can be visually distinguished by the black 17-inch alloy wheels, the same color of the side mirror housings, the black exterior and interior details. Such a car has full LED optics, including fog lights. The package is priced at $1,790.

In addition, now the standard equipment of the Nissan Frontier SV Crew Cab in the long-wheelbase version (3551 mm between the axles) includes the SV Convenience package. It includes a heated steering wheel, lining and lighting for the cargo area, and heated front seats. In addition, the 2023 Frontier Pro-X and Pro-4X now have wireless Apple CarPlay support. Even in the Pro Premium package, they decided to replace the black interior trim with bright red.

The American office has named prices for the 2023 Nissan Frontier. So, the cost of modifying the King Cab, with a “one and a half” cab, ranges from 29,190 to 35,090 dollars, and for a refreshed Crew Cab pickup truck with a two-row cab, customers will have to pay from 30,490 to 39,120 dollars. Note that the cost of the basic version of the mid-size pickup increased by $500 (or 1.7%).

Recall that the list of pickup equipment includes: all-round cameras (with the so-called “off-road” display mode), wireless charging of gadgets, eight airbags, ESP with trailer stabilization function. Available for a surcharge: adaptive cruise control and SafetyShield 360 security systems (auto-braking with pedestrian detection, automatic switching of headlights from far to near, monitoring of “blind” zones, keeping in the lane and recognition of traffic signs).

The current pickup truck of the Japanese brand, intended for the USA, is equipped with a 314-horsepower V6 gasoline engine with a volume of 3.8 liters. It works in conjunction with a nine-speed automatic transmission. The drive is either rear or full (with a rigid connection of the front axle and a reduction gear). The 2023 Nissan Frontier is now on sale.

Previously, Nissan introduced the Frontier truck in three new concept versions: Project 72X (“inspired” by the Datsun 720, which was produced in 1979-1985), Project Hardbody (reference to the Nissan D21 Hardbody, which debuted in 1985) and Project Adventure (without historical inspirations, but with higher ground clearance, carbon snorkel, spotlight, rooftop tent, and a US Highway Atlas on the back).